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Sparkle Tee by Jacked Fashion ShopHausofLove.com “It’s for the weirdo’s and for those of us that just can’t contain ourselves. We explode on everyone and everything we touch and some people just can’t handle the cross fire. We have been the rejects, the underdogs, the misunderstood and we often leave a sour taste in your mouth. We are opinionated, outrageous, wicked, magical, hard headed and definitely not going away any time soon. We have a thing for the unusual and something to say about it.” -Ashley Garner
Shot by Ashley Garner Styled by Nandi K #hausoflove #jackedfashion #shoponline #ootd #summerfashion #shophausoflove #iridescentchic #fantasyfashion (at www.shophausoflove.com)

alaska and kelsey getting trippy with my flower power bracelets 
shirts by jacked fashion 
photo/styling by marina fini